Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence (Digital Konvergens in Danish) is a collaboration between six of the leading operators in the Danish construction sector.Our goal is to find value in the application of IT in the building process. We work together to implement and disseminate common IT standards in the entire sector, standards for e-mail communication, discrepancy lists and web-based project management.

One connected building process


IDM in practice: Collision detection between BIM models

Digital Convergence have in 2011 worked on the project BIM in practice to fill in a need for an operational and practical approach to BIM. Full article

BIM in Practice

As part of the effort in Digital Convergence to establish a framework for digitizing and spreading standards in the Danish construction sector we have turned our focus to the Full article

Model Delivery Specification

Digital Convergence has specified a simple model for describing the content of a BIM model in regards to geometry and properties. Full article